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Suspend the sales of fanzines for a while

Positive Insanity Issue 7 is finally available! As you should already be aware the fanzine is in Japanese. However for all the international fans there are lots of original, exclusive photos, and the cover is in full color!!!

To get your copy, send 5 IRCs (International Return Coupon - You can buy it at a post office) or 3.50 pounds in well-wrapped coins to :

Tokyo Central PO BOX 161, #100-8691 Japan

Positive Insanity Issue 7

*Please be careful if you send the coins. Wrap them well not to occur postal trouble.

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Issue 7
5 IRCs or 3.50 pounds in well-wrapped coins
B5 size/19 Pages/Released : Dec. 2000

Original Interview with Paul, Chad & Andie
Little Kix Review
Track by Track Guide
Diary in Japan
Live Review (Summer Sonic Festival)
Sound Off
News ..etc
with lots of original photos

Issue 6
5 IRCs or 3.50 pounds in well-wrapped coins
B5 size/BW offset printing 27P/Released: Nov. 1999

Original Interview with Paul & Chad
Live Review + Diary in Japan
Official website interview at HQ
Q&A: Stove/Stove's Memories of Japan
Sound Off

Issue 5
4IRCs or 3 pounds in well-wrapped coins

B5size/B/W offset printing 23P/Released: 6th Jan 99

Interview with Stove&Andie
Diary in Japan (part four)
"Six" Internal Tour - A journey into the album
Live Review(Free Talk Version)

Issue 4
4 IRCs or 3 pounds in well-wrapped coins

B5size/B/W offset printing 27P/Released: 26th Sep 98

Interview with Chad
Paul's Q&A (Paul wrote it on his own)
Dave@Ridge Farm
Live Review(UK tour report by Satoko)
Lyrical Seeker(Can't Afford To Die/Spasm of Identity)etc

Issue 1-3 will be available re-printed, and compiled as one booklet printed like issues 4 - 7. (I said it would be available soon but I can't, I try to release it in the future! sorry). If you would like to get information about the reprinted version "issue 1-3", email me. I'll give you the details when I have finished re-editing. If you would like the original photocopied versions of issues 1, 2 and 3, they are still available.

Issue 1
3 IRCs or 2.50 pounds in well-wrapped coins

A5size/B/W photocopies 24P/Released: 1st Nov 96

Letter Of Introduction - Biography -
Translations(to Japanese) of their interviews in Indie era
Stripper Vicar Tour Review
Lyrical Seeker (Lemonade Secret Drinker)etc

Issue 2
3 IRCs or 2.50 pounds in well-wrapped coins

A5size/B/W photocopies 33P/Released: 9th Mar 97

Album Review
Diary in Japan
Interview with the band
Live Review (First gig in Japan)
Translation of Vox article
The Band Q&A
Lyrical Seeker (Things Keep Falling Off Building/Vision Impaired)etc

Issue 3
3 IRC or 2.50 pounds in well-wrapped coins

B5size/B/W photocopies 20P/Released: 1st Dec 97

Diary in Japan (part 2)
Live Review (Festival Time!, Gig in NY)
Travel Sketch (the fat cat, the roadhouse)
Translations (to Japanese) of the articles
Lyrical Seeker (The World's Still Open/Closed For Business/Grey Lantern)etc

++About Positive Insanity++

"Positive Insanity" the Mansun Fanzine was started by Miki and I after we went to England in September 1996 to follow the Mansun tour. Unfortunately after the first issue Miki was unable to continue so now I release the fanzine on my own.
End of 1997, the band contacted me that they hope to be Positive Insanity as the official Japanese fanzine and sell on their forthcoming Japan tour next year. So I hastened to complete issue 5, since then "Positive Insanity" has been the official Japanese Mansun fanzine, and sold at every venue on their Japan tour.
This fanzine isn't released regularly, just when I finish it. Recently most of them released on the first date of their Japan tour. Issue 7 is now available as well as back issues.

These fanzines are written in Japanese, however they all contain a lot of original pictures which might be of interest to those of you who can't read Japanese!
Prices are including P&P.

Don't forget to write : your name, your address and which issue number you would like.
If you have any question, please email me.
Thank you

Positive Insanity Publisher

Positive Insanity
Tokyo Central P.O. Box 161 #100-8691 Japan

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